We Are Renegades

The nationally ranked Kansas Renegades are a girls fastpitch organization based out of Wichita Kansas which annually fields 10 - 20 teams ranging from ages 5 - 18 and who compete on a local and national level.

Founded and managed by Chuck Schrader, the Renegades have continued to grow beyond what could have ever been imagined. Assisted by numerous volunteers over its 16 year history, the Renegades have achieved many successes both on and off the field. Although regularly measuring success by the number of wins each year, over time the only valuable measure of success comes from the number of girls who have reached their goal of becoming a college softball player. To date that number exceeds 200. Ultimately however and with our Mission in mind, the truly rewarding satisfaction comes from seeing them graduate and go on to lead self-reliant productive lives.

The Renegades’ coaches and volunteers work year around in an effort to achieve the Mission. We are committed to long-term success and strive to build a self-sustaining organization. One that remains continuously focused on providing a place for those who are committed to the Vision, to simply play softball.

Chuck would like to give special thanks not only to those original players and coaches who helped get this thing started, but also to every single player and coach who has contributed to the continued growth of the organization. Confident that there are many more stories to write in the future, the Renegades ask for your continued support in our quest to provide a place where young ladies can build their competitive character and with a little luck, the opportunity to earn the education they need to sustain a self-dependent future.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Kansas Renegades Fast pitch Softball Club is to develop well-balanced, self-confident, young women who recognize the value of commitment and are capable and willing to make a real contribution in a team environment. It is our hope that a large proportion of these young women will pursue college softball as an avenue to continue building their competitive character while preparing them with the education they need to sustain a self- reliant future.

Vision Statement

Where the Kansas Renegades are recognized as one of the Midwest's premier softball clubs. Where players are not only recognized as fundamentally sound in their sport but are perceived as better prepared to handle the adversities and successes that they will inevitably face in their futures.

Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity - Fair competition depends, first and foremost, on the honesty and integrity of each participating athlete. Do not deceive yourself or others. Strictly adhere to personal integrity and a high standard of moral conduct.
  • Sportsmanship - Abide by the rules of softball and conduct yourself in such a manner that others will admire your attitude, no matter whether you win or lose.
  • Respect - Always show respect for yourself, your teammates, your coaches, and your fellow athletes. Also respect the history and traditions of our club.
  • Responsibility/Good Citizenship - You are responsible for yourself and your actions. In addition, when you travel to compete, you serve in effect as an ambassador for the Renegades organization. Be courteous and considerate in your behavior towards others.
  • Life-long Learning - Consider your involvement in softball a journey toward independence and self-confidence. Learn to enjoy the practice and preparation as much as you do the games. Consider your pursuit of success a life-long pursuit.
  • Health and Physical Fitness - Sports will challenge you mentally and physically. Train properly to compete well and stay healthy. Strive to enhance your mental and physiological well-being.
  • Participation/Inclusion - Take an inclusionary attitude towards others when it comes to softball. Encourage your peers and others to participate. Share your passion for softball and be a role model for other players.