10U-2018/10U-Sandoval Team Homepage

Fun In The Sun 2nd Place


Renegades Sandoval 11 - Cowley County Aces 5, Renegades Sandoval 5 - Renegades Collins 3, Renegades Sandoval 12 - Rebels 0, Renegades Sandoval 11 - Sluggers Willig 0, Renegades Sandoval 4 - Renegades Orth 2, Renegades Sandoval 0 - Renegades Collins 10

Team Events

Name/TitleStart DateEnd DateLocationURL
7 Game Showdown NIT04/27/1804/29/18WichitaVisit Website
7:45pm vs Wichita Panthers Blue05/29/1805/29/18TRYC Field #3Visit Website
Fun In The Sun06/01/1806/03/18TRYCVisit Website
Kansas USSSA C State06/15/1806/17/18Topeka, KSVisit Website
Kansas USSSA West State06/22/1806/24/18TRYCVisit Website
Mother's Day for the Rings05/11/1805/13/18TRYCVisit Website
Optional Hitting 4-5:30pm04/14/1804/14/18NCRIVisit Website
Practice 2-4pm04/08/1804/08/18TRYC #4Visit Website
Practice 2-4pm04/15/1804/15/18Colwich #Visit Website
Practice 2-4pm05/06/1805/06/18Davison FacilityVisit Website
Practice 4-5:30pm04/07/1804/07/18NCRIVisit Website
Practice 4-5:30pm04/21/1804/21/18NCRIVisit Website
Practice 5:30-7:30pm04/12/1804/12/18TRYCVisit Website
Practice 5:30-7:30pm04/26/1804/26/18TRYCVisit Website
Practice 6-8pm05/08/1805/08/18Davison FacilityVisit Website
Practice 6-8pm05/31/1805/31/18Davison FacilityVisit Website
Team Pictures05/04/1805/04/18Downtown WichitaVisit Website